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The Open Learning Environment (OLE) is a collection of units that gives you the opportunity to extend your skills and knowledge by exploring other areas of study. You can learn about a wide range of topics such as global cultures, entrepreneurial thinking, coding, ethics, design thinking, and project management.

OLE units are zero, two or six credit points. Zero credit point units are free and available to all current students (undergraduate and postgraduate). These short units are completely online and can be completed at your convenience. There are also units designed specifically for HDR students.

Depending on your degree, you may need to complete OLE credit score units.

Access the OLE

OLE units without a credit point

You can find the complete list of OLE units without a credit point and the FAQ on the OLE canvas site.

We recommend that you access the OLE Canvas site and register for units from a desktop or laptop computer. Once registered, you can access a unit using the Canvas app. It’s also a good idea to bookmark the site so you can access it easily.

You can complete as many zero credit point units as you want. You will register through the OLE Canvas site and have the rest of the calendar year to complete the unit.

Credit point OLE units

Depending on your course, you may need to take OLE credit point units to meet your degree requirements. This will be described in your manual.

The available credit score OLE units are listed in Table O of the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook.

You will need to register for these units via student from sydney during the registration period for your course.

OLE units of experience in the country

If you find that your textbook requires you to complete OLE units, you can choose to complete one of the School of Languages ​​and Cultures units. Country experiences.

Lily important information about the application process, department authorization, and additional fees associated with these units.

You will need to apply for these units through the Global Mobility Database once applications are open each semester.


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