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With continuity of learning remaining a top concern for educational institutions in 2022, a blended learning model may offer the best approach to meet student, school, and community needs.

However, the transition of an entire school system to blended learning poses challenges in adapting school infrastructure, equipment, and staff to deliver these outcomes in remote and in-person settings.

How can schools create these modern learning environments while promoting productivity, collaboration, and most importantly, health and well-being? And what technological solutions are available to enable and support these changes?

Air quality for safer staff and students

Over the past two years, we have learned that the risk of COVID-19 infection is higher in poorly ventilated indoor spaces. Many windows and natural ventilation are ideal, but can be difficult to achieve in schools. This is where air purifiers come in. High Efficiency Particulate Filters (HEPA) remove viral particles from the air, filter up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust and remove certain harmful gases from the air. They are essential for the safe return of staff and students.

School-ready devices

Hybrid learning places additional demands on the reliability and security of laptops and tablets, as the protection and support of the school environment can be more difficult to access. Additionally, there is a growing reliance on communication and collaboration tools to reach peers and teachers remotely.

Solutions that provide streamlined device purchasing, deployment, and management, as well as IT support, take school security one step further. And with the continued shortage of devices across the globe, availability is crucial.

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions offers schools access to an excellent range of in-stock educational devices – available through a convenient self-service portal or a supply, support and training partnership.

Built-in AV for a connected classroom

With the current COVID isolation rules, in any class at any time, some students will be in school, others will be online. Despite the separation, students need opportunities to connect with classmates and friends; and educators need to connect with all students. Meaningful and easy collaboration in a hybrid environment can help schools create and maintain a strong, unified culture and community, not only during a pandemic, but whenever students cannot be onsite.

Integrated audio-visual solutions that are quick and easy to use enable teachers to deliver exceptional learning and connect everyone in the class.

For example, a classroom design might include an interactive display at the back of the classroom that incorporates a Cisco Webex camera integrated with Microsoft Teams. Students at home are connected to their devices following the teacher’s every word as if they were present, and the teacher can see the students and ask them to participate.

Secure and Reliable Connectivity Digital tools and services have made it simple and affordable to bring the latest technologies into the classroom and blended learning. However, it has also imposed a heavy reliance on available and reliable network connectivity.

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions can ensure that wired and wireless networks are distributed appropriately in educational institutions and implement supporting technologies and services to ensure they remain secure and reliable. .

Support educators

Training and support enable schools to get the most out of hybrid technology solutions. Professional development opportunities build the skills and technical knowledge of educators, ensuring they can use technology in meaningful ways. For example, the Microsoft School Transformation Program is a free program for schools that helps with the use of MS technology. Educators can participate in workshops that build their ability to use Windows, Teams, 365 tools, STEM tools, and Inclusive Classroom.

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions, alongside partners such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google, has the expertise to support school technology implementations that deliver the best outcomes for teachers, staff, and students. .

Classrooms for 2022 and beyond

Creating the modern classroom, especially in 2022, is not a one-off exercise. This requires the right combination of solutions for the present and the future. Whether you’re looking for advice on the most efficient way to upgrade your school’s devices, AV, connectivity or IT infrastructure, the team at JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions can help simplify the process. .

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