EdTech Extramarks announces the launch of its new logo, a one-stop-shop learning solution


Extramarks, India’s most trusted EdTech giant, on Friday announced the launch of its new logo, visual identity and category positioning. At the heart of the branding are new visual elements, including a refreshed logo and the one-stop-shop learning app solution – reflecting Extramarks values ​​- ‘fun’, ‘engaging’, ‘integrated’ and “inclusive” with a modern approach to digital learning. . The new brand image is already online on all internal and external communication channels. The latest version of “The Learning App” is available for iOS and Android device users.

As part of this launch, the company’s flagship product – Extramarks – The Learning App has undergone a complete overhaul of the experience. Extramarks has integrated all of its apps in the K-12, JEE, NEET segments and school solutions such as the assessment center and live classroom platform into one Extramarks – the learning app, which makes it a one-stop learning destination for students of all segments. . The application is based on the proven pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test which encourages students towards healthy learning. Along with media rich modules, live lectures and recorded lectures for learning, users will also have the opportunity to practice score boosters, high weight questions, get unlimited problem solving live sessions doubts, create custom tests and access many other great features for a holistic learning experience.

The new logo avatar in the form of an airplane symbolizes the brand’s renewed ambition to help students’ dreams take flight through a more personalized, creative and holistic learning experience. The brand’s color palette is now a darker shade of orange.


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