Delhi to conduct teaching-learning activities in schools until they reopen | Education


The Delhi Government Directorate of Education (DoE) on Saturday issued a circular on the conduct of teaching-learning activities for 2021-2022 in the government and its supported schools from kindergarten to grade 12 through ‘when they reopen.

The session’s action plan, encompassing ‘the implementation approach and strategy’ and divided into three stages, includes a phased approach for students to familiarize themselves with the teaching-learning process, it says. in a press release.

“With the onset of the pandemic, the learning loss was massive. This year, we must not only reduce learning loss, but also provide deep emotional support to our children. They must be mentally prepared for any teaching-learning activity. Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia said in a statement.

“This year we will have a close alignment between teaching-learning strategies and assessment so that reliance on a single exam for end-of-year results is reduced,” he said. he adds.

He reiterated that while schools will remain closed until the Covid pandemic situation improves, engagement between teachers and students will resume immediately, using “an online and semi-online approach” .

The three stages will begin on June 28, July 5 and August respectively, he said.

In the first step, teachers will update their students’ contact details, create WhatsApp groups, and prepare a list of those who have a smartphone, cell phone, or no phone. In the second stage, they will introduce light activities like reading, writing and arithmetic in the classes. until the eighth through worksheets, he says.

“In grades 9 to 12, the goal would be to recap and understand where the child is currently through online lessons and worksheets, in addition to supporting emotional well-being. The second step is will run until the end of July, “he noted.

The third stage, which will begin in August, will focus on class-specific activities to fill in the learning loss. So, when kindergarten to grade 8 receives generic and subject-specific worksheets, for grades 9 to 12, online lessons by teachers of the respective subjects will be provided, he explained.

According to the circular, short notes covering the main points of the online courses will be provided to students in grades 9 to 12 who have difficulty accessing digital devices.

“These notes can be collected by parents in the school on a weekly basis. Parents who do not have smartphones can collect the worksheets on a weekly basis at their child’s school,” he said. he declares.

In addition, according to the circular, this year special emphasis will be placed on the assessment of students by carrying out regular “monthly assessments” and using innovative approaches to understand the level of student participation and learning.

“The nature of these evaluations will be based on the project / activity / mission. The file of this evaluation will be kept by the schools and will be uploaded to the student modules as part of the internal / external evaluation for the 2021-2022 session. ” he added.


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