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Casio Music UK has announced the launch of its new Casio Music Space FREE, exclusive learning app for Casio digital piano and keyboard users.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, Casio Music Space acts as a one-stop hub for playing a Casio piano or keyboard, functioning as a digital musical score, music teacher, live performance simulator and a complete app for learning and playing music. Featuring user-centered and personalized activities that make playing an enjoyable and exciting experience from the start, the Casio Music app is the perfect partner for playing a Casio instrument.

Casio-Music-Space app

With an all-new sleek layout, Casio Music Space replaces Casio’s Chordana learning app with advanced specs and functions. A fantastic new feature is guidance Piano Roll’ – perfect for players who have trouble reading sheet music. Piano Roll acts as a “learning by playing” guide, visibly displaying note pitches and durations in sync with song playback, while also suggesting the next keys to play in a sequence. Plus, with new rating and recording features, users can rate their own play for fun, or review their performance to improve their skills and share with others.

The new ‘Musical Score + Sound’ function is ideal for usersCasio Music Space Piano Roll who want to learn to read music, check sheet music on the go, or want a way to carry a sizable catalog of music at once. This feature allows you to listen to a wide range of songs, while being able to zoom in and out and browse pages of sheet music in one place. A damper pedal or three-pedal unit is also offered that allows players to navigate the score via USB cable or wireless connection, which is especially convenient for playing while deciphering.

Users can add some of their favorite songs to the app, to be played through the instrument’s excellent speaker system, creating the perfect session atmosphere. Users can also adjust the tempo and change the key, as well as repeat play and cancel the melody/accompaniment to suit their individual playing style for optimal learning and enjoyment.

With the introduction of the Live Concert Simulator, users can practice playing in front of a crowd in the comfort of their own home by simulating a live performance with the range of live venue setting options available on the ‘application. By analyzing songs stored on a smart device, the app automatically changes audience applause and cheers based on the structure of the song, giving users the feeling of playing in a live room. In addition to the five types of live locations available (stadium, auditorium, jazz club, classical hall and piano lounge), the application offers three different natural scenes (beach, river and rain) that allow users to enjoy a unique performance experience, everywhere.

By simply connecting a smart device to a compatible musical instrument via Bluetooth for wireless connectivity or using a cable for a wired connection, the Casio Music Space app is the ultimate tool for playing and the perfect partner for a keyboard or a Casio piano.

Supported Casio models for the Casio Music Space app are as follows:

Digital Pianos:

Cellular: AP-270, AP-470

Private: PX-770, PX-870, PX-S1000, PX-S1100, PX-S3000, PX-S3100

CDP: CDP-S90, CDP-S100, CDP-S110, CDP-S150, CDP-S160, CDP-S350, CDP-S360

Numeric keypads:

Casiotone: CT-S1, CT-S195, CT-S200, CT-S300, CT-S400, CT-S410, LK-S250, LK-S450

The Casio Music Space app is FREE for all users and can be downloaded here:

To learn more, please visit the Casio Music Space app here

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