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We’ve all studied books, haven’t we? Whether in school, college or any kind of educational environment. But like all other fields today, the learning sector is changing as well.

Sitting and learning in a classroom full of students can sometimes cause you to not understand all the concepts and repeatedly asking your teachers is just not a doable option, but with the advent of smart classes, learning new concepts becomes easy and helps students retain their memory for an extended period.

If you are wondering how you would do your learning in 2020 in a smart and innovative way, we have an app for you that could be the answer to all your learning questions. And we are talking about BYJU, the learning app from India.

With the advent of various educational and learning apps that help you gain a better knowledge of your subject, BYJU’s learning app provides such a platform that provides students in grade 4-12 experience of the digital learning process in mathematics and science. Not only that, the app offers to educate you about multiple entrance exams in an interactive way.

So, in case you’re wondering if the app is worth using, here’s our specific review of BYJU’s learning app:

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What is BYJU?

Based in India and operating worldwide, BYJU’s app is used by over 15 million students around the world. The app offers several learning platforms for competitive exams such as CAT, GRE, GMAT, NEET & JEE and even IAS.

BYJU has qualified and professional teachers with knowledge in their respected field who teach math and science to students in grades 4 through 12. And it’s no surprise that the app has been downloaded by millions of users since its inception in 2015.

Here are some of the enthralling facts that revolve around the app:

  • A whole new segment of educational technology in India.
  • 1701+ cities in the world.
  • The average time of 71 minutes in a day helps you learn something new.

Unlike YouTube channels where information is scattered and sometimes it is not easy to find relevant content in a particular place, BYJU’s learning app provides a platform to quench your thirst for learning by putting set up a team of high-level professionals to impart quality knowledge.

Outstanding Features of BYJU Learning App

In order to excel in the market, the features contribute a lot and can make or break the back of the app. Therefore, we’ve rounded up some of the notable features that make BYJU an app worth trying:

  1. Trial tests

    Users have the option of taking chapter tests to judge their understanding of a particular chapter. The important thing is that if you haven’t fully understood a concept, you can always go back and reread the chapter.

  2. Complete learning

    The best part about BYJU’s learning app is that you have multiple learning options. If you are a student in your primary or secondary cycle, this app is your go-to option for learning any day. BYJU has all of the study materials packed for you.

  3. Graphics to better understand

    Knowledge Graphics, a newly added feature on the website, allows you to understand a particular concept using graphics.

  4. There is a video for everything

    BYJU’s learning app has videos for anything that helps you better understand a particular concept. For science learners, there are also graphics videos.

  5. Accessible free of charge

    Most of the video lessons offered by the learning application are accessible and free.

BYJU has another app which is specifically for students in grades 1-3. The application is called BYJU’s early learning app and is an example of the wide offerings of this learning app.

Why do you need an app like BYJU’s?

Learning can take you on a journey and BYJU encourages learning in the easiest way possible, adapting to all areas of learning, the app has successfully produced videos of each lesson to promote learning audio-visual.

Digital learning is all the rage, and there aren’t many learning apps that offer such great services and features as BYJU. With BYJU, learning is at your convenience, and you can visit a particular segment as many times as you want in order to gain a better understanding. With a huge fan base, the app is definitely worth checking out.

How to use the BYJU app?

Using this multi-faceted learning app is simple. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the app.
  • Enter your basic information and register.
  • Choose the subject you plan to study.
  • Access your personalized library or BYJU’s student portal from the bottom.
  • Choose and watch the video.
  • The app will then show you the tracker of your activity.

The simple installation of this app is very easy, which allows you to focus on your studies sincerely.

How much does BYJU’s learning app cost?

BYJU’s app has a pricing plan depending on what you choose to study. Users can register for free while purchasing books and other study materials at various prices. Ideally, BYJU’s Competitive Exam Learning Kit is usually paid for with a fair price bracket, while the same goes for BYJU course fees for students looking to get the most out of the app. .

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MAD Verdict: Review of BYJU’s Learning App

Today there are many educational apps and websites that you can use. But only a few apps stand out from the rest. While each app inhibits unique features, BYJU’s learning app is no slouch. In fact, the app has millions of users and that in itself speaks of the responsibility of the app.

It is therefore not surprising that the app is today the best educational platform by producing unique and in-depth learning. The app works well and is highly interactive, making it accessible while making your learning and retention process superior by visiting each lesson as many times as you want. These innovative features help BYJU’s learning app to rise through the ranks in the market.

Multiple learning options, interactive videos, and plenty of choices make the app one of the easiest apps to use.

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