Bedford High School e-learning expanded to improve post-fight safety, district says


BEDFORD, Ohio – Students at Bedford High School will take online classes until Nov. 3 so the district can improve security following a spate of fighting, a district spokesperson said.

Some of the upgrades require additional security equipment and personnel, which will take longer, said Denise Dick, spokesperson for the Bedford City School District.

“High school students will continue distance learning until Monday, November 1,” she said. “Tuesday is a professional development day for teachers – it was already planned – so there is no school for the students on this day. High school students will return to school and face-to-face teaching on Wednesday, November 3. “

The district initially moved high school students to distance education until Wednesday due to recent “fighting and threats of violence” between students, the school district said in a statement.

Police said they had investigated six high school brawls since September 1. Two of those brawls took place in two separate Friday night football games.

Dick said she did not have a specific figure on the number of fights or threats of violence. However, she said there had been several in the past week or two. It is not known if the police were called to every brawl that occurred in high school.

Several students face discipline as a result of the fighting, Dick said.

“We are working to determine the source of the conflicts between the students,” she said.

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