AT&T partners with learning app Boddle for exclusive content


In the United States, parents and K-6 students/teachers are already familiar with the popular math learning app, Boddle. AT&T is now announcing a partnership with the app developers to bring “new in-app features” and other additions, courtesy of AT&T 5G.

The carrier further announced that the new “Pet Battles” game in the Boddle app is free to play. AT&T is also bringing a new augmented reality (AR) feature to the game. However, this is only available to customers with an AT&T 5G-enabled device. The game involves characters and puzzles spread throughout the environment, encouraging children to have fun while learning.

“Playful learning is ushering in the next generation of education, and keeping kids connected will be key,” said Glenn Couper, assistant vice president, 5G Product & Innovation, AT&T. “Bodle’s personalized learning platform brings an immediate benefit to today’s students, making learning more interactive, engaging, accessible and fun. We are proud to help them unlock the connected learning of tomorrow that will reshape education as we know it.

Boddle will bring video lessons to AT&T’s “The Achievery” digital learning platform

Boddle hit the scene in 2018 as a fun math learning app. The app’s developers received a massive boost after securing a $1 million investment from AT&T in 2019 through its Aspire Accelerator program. The partnership between the two companies is therefore not new.

The app’s popularity has exploded since the pandemic as children have been forced to adapt to virtual learning. But the app remains popular as the developers add exciting games and virtual activities to keep kids engaged.

“Our team at Boddle is excited to continue to expand learning opportunities for children of all demographics through this AT&T 5G collaboration that will open up possibilities for where and how children learn and truly bring math to life through augmented reality,” said Clarence Tan, co-founder. from Boddle Learning.

Boddle will also bring video lessons and activities to “The Achievery,” AT&T’s recently launched digital learning platform. The carrier undertakes other learning-related programs through the AT&T Connected Learning initiative.

In other AT&T news, the carrier is raising prices for some legacy plans starting June 1. This mainly affects a handful of unlimited plans launched a few years ago. So, if you are concerned about losing these plan benefits, be sure to contact the carrier immediately.


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