AI-powered games, VR and ML tools will boost online learning


As e-learning has grown in popularity, it is also propelling the demand for “LifeLongLearning” among professionals. This allows them to obtain a globally recognized degree and acquire a new skill to prepare both for the market and for the future, without having to bear the opportunity cost. In 2022, this trend will continue to increase and reach a new high, with former learners returning to perfect themselves as repeat registrations, for a second or third degree in all fields to strengthen and develop. develop new skills. Therefore, the very phenomenon of LifeLongLearning will perform a full cycle for the first time. Learners, who have already obtained their bachelor’s or master’s degree, will seek new avenues for further development in order to drive professional growth, due to the ever-changing market and the demand for data-driven skill sets in the market. all organizations. And this LifeLongLearning phenomenon will continue to grow in the years to come.

With the return of former learners, “repeated learning” in online edTech will see an exponential increase. In an age where the industry sees innovations every day, it would not be wrong to expect the emergence of new niche positions, which will require deeper subject knowledge and the application of advanced skills. Therefore, to meet the growing demand for ‘quality’ online education, which goes far beyond live and recorded lectures, edTech players are striving to identify, analyze and deliver a Extremely personalized and data-driven learning experience, based on their existing skills, work experiences, career aspirations and industry trends. Such circumstances have increased the demand for adaptive learning of AI, which also allows professionals / businesses to personalize their services based on evolving customer preferences and achieve meaningful business results.


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