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AI-Based Tutor Uses Google Cloud To Generate Learning Activities

Working with Google Cloud, Walden University has created a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to help students review and master course concepts. The technology, which the institution calls an AI-based tutor named “Julian,” leverages the AI ​​and machine learning capabilities of Google Cloud to generate a variety of learning activities on demand.

When an instructor loads the course content into Julian and details the specific skills – or “learning units” – required, the tool indexes the content and links each learning unit to the associated course content. Indexing and links are reviewed by the instructor for quality assurance, then the tool automatically generates questions, paraphrasing exercises, knowledge notes and other learning activities for students, provided via chat functionality. As students complete the activities, the tool assesses their responses and provides feedback.

“As students gain knowledge in their programs, they can use Julian, Walden’s AI-powered tutor, to reinforce concepts and identify gaps in learning,” said Karthik Venkatesh, director of the information at Walden, in a press release. “Students will see a new set of tutor-generated activities powered by AI each time they interact with the tool. It also creates educational notes for the student, which they can refer to throughout the course. program and beyond. “

In the first tests at Walden, students who tried Julian said it was “a good addition to their learning process,” according to a university statement, and particularly useful for “adding to their knowledge of various concepts and to complete their homework “.

“At different times during the academic term, we found that different characteristics became even more important to students,” noted Steven Tom, head of transformation at Walden. “Earlier in the term, the knowledge scoring feature was more valuable. Later in the term, interviewing them and assessing their knowledge proficiency became more valuable. We use student feedback to work on the next iteration and test Walden’s AI-powered tutor on a larger group of students. “

A webinar offering a demonstration of the tool is available upon request here.

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