Accessible weekly learning activities: yawning, walking, mowing the lawn


Every Wednesday, we shine the spotlight on five student activities that support a wide range of learners. In this week’s roundup of accessible activities, we invite students to learn about yawning, share how they feel about walking, watch a movie on the American lawn, do observations on a photograph and to reflect on forgiveness.

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1. Find out why we yawn.

In this Lesson of the day, students learn some of the science behind yawning. Then they can think of a health and wellness question that confuses them and do some research to find answers.

2. Think about how you feel about going for long walks.

For that Student review quickly, students will discover two women who have walked all the streets of their city during the pandemic. Next, students can reflect on their relationship to walking: do they just walk to get around? Or do they like to walk for fun?

3. Watch a short film on the American lawn.

This movie club explores the ways the American lawn has become a symbol of the American Dream. Students will determine if a perfectly manicured lawn is an ideal that is still worth pursuing, especially since lawns can harm the environment and contribute to climate change.

4. Interpret an image.

Students will watch a New York Times photograph which has been stripped of its caption and then comment on what they think is going on in the image. They can share their renditions in the comments section and come back Thursday for the reveal.

5. Think about forgiveness.

In this Image prompt, students share what forgiveness means to them and how it felt to give or accept forgiveness from someone else. In the comments section, they can share their thoughts on forgiveness, as well as how it relates to their spiritual or religious beliefs.


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