Accessible weekly learning activities: melting glaciers, helping adults and a geography quiz


Every Wednesday, we spotlight five student activities that support a wide range of learners. In this week’s roundup of accessible activities, we invite students to learn about climate change, share a story about helping an adult, interpret a photograph, tell a story from ‘a drawing and to test their knowledge of geography.

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1. Learn about melting glaciers and permafrost.

In this Lesson of the day Students will learn about some of the artifacts that researchers have found in glaciers and permafrost that have melted due to climate change. Then, they will carry out a citizen science project on monitoring climate change through fossils and other specimens.

2. Tell a story about helping an adult.

“When have you been involved in helping an adult who generally takes care of you? This is the question asked in our recent Student opinion fast. Students can share their answers with their classmates or with students around the world in the comments section.

3. Comment on a photograph.

In this week What is happening in this picture, students look at an image from The Times with the caption removed and share what they notice about the image. Students can read what other young people have noticed and share their own observations in the comments section.

4. Tell a story based on a picture.

Students look at the image featured in this Image prompt and share the story they think the picture tells. Or they can recall a memory or personal experience while looking at the picture. They can share their stories and read what other students have written in the comments section.

5. Test your knowledge about Bulgaria.

Students can see what they know about this south-eastern European country by trying our Country of the week geography quiz. Then they can choose a related article to learn more about the country, or even try a Bulgarian cucumber soup recipe.

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