Accessible weekly learning activities: analyze a photo, write a story, reflect on the community


Every Wednesday, we spotlight five student activities that support a wide range of learners. In this week’s roundup of accessible activities, we invite students to learn about Indigenous environmental activism, recommend new music, tell us a story, closely analyze a photo, and watch. a short film about a seaside paradise for black families.

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1. Learn about the common people who are fighting to protect their land.

This Lesson of the day focuses on the predominantly indigenous residents of the village of Narsaq, Greenland, who have defended their homeland and fought in front of mining companies. Then, students will share a moment when they took action for something they believed in.

2. Share the new music you are listening to now.

In this Student opinion, students read five new music recommendations from The Times’ chief pop music critic. Then they share what they listen to now and how they find new music.

3. Watch a movie and think about the community.

Our Movie club brings students to the world of Sag Harbor in New York City, a community that has become a haven for African American families. After watching the film, students answer the question: Which communities protect, support and nourish you?

4. Write a story based on a picture.

Students carefully look at the picture in this Image prompt and write their own story – real or imagined – based on what they see. They can share their story with their classmates or in the comments section.

5. Analyze a photo.

Students can interact with other young people around the world trying to answer the question: What is happening in this image? Using observation skills, they can share their findings in the comments section and respond to what other students have noticed in the image.

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