7 things every teacher should know about online learning

Online education is a very convenient and flexible teaching method. Many educators are switching from physical education to online education for this reason.

However, the two forms of teaching are very different. This means that entering the world of virtual education requires quite a few changes. In this article, we will discuss 7 things every educator should know about online learning and teaching.

Social education is important

One of the biggest drawbacks of online learning is the lack of social interaction. However, teachers can circumvent this problem in several ways.

For example, a new app called Pedagogue can be used to hold virtual lessons with students through video conferencing calls and audio chats. Additionally, teachers can use the app to share resources with other educators, creating more versatility in the classroom.

Social education teaches students the skills of collaboration and communication, both of which are very important in the real world.

Students have diverse learning needs

There are several learning styles that each require different teaching methods. For example, some students prefer verbal lessons, which means that they will retain information better when it is described to them directly through the teacher.

For this reason, teachers should try to incorporate a bit of everything into their lessons to benefit all different learning styles.

Many educational materials are available

As we mentioned, there are different learning styles. Some students learn best through visual presentations, while others prefer audio lessons. If you want to provide inclusive lessons for your students, you need to use as many teaching materials as possible. For example, for students who prefer visual presentations, you can teach a section using a YouTube video or PowerPoint.

Goals are necessary for online learning

Online learning can be difficult without goals. For this reason, teachers should encourage students to set goals to stay motivated and productive in their studies. They also need to be aware of these aspirations so that they can monitor student progress.

Students can easily become lazy or unmotivated

It is very difficult to stay motivated when you feel alone in your studies, which is a common problem with online learning. Teachers need to be aware of this problem so they can find ways around it. For example, educators could hold question and answer sessions with students – this will give them the opportunity to discuss any issues they may have. Teachers could also provide constructive feedback to students based on their exam and homework results.

Technology doesn’t always work as it should

We have all experienced internet outages or technology malfunctions at least once in our lifetime. Unfortunately, this problem can affect online learning, and teachers should be aware of it. Teachers can’t do much about technological failures, but students will feel much more comfortable if their educators are understanding of such issues. Educators should also ensure that missed assignments by students experiencing technical difficulties are retained.

Cheating needs to be watched very closely

Online learning exams and tests are much easier to cheat if students are not closely monitored. Teachers can make sure students don’t cheat on homework in a number of ways. For example, students could write their papers while connected through a video conference call. This will ensure that they do not use textbooks or other learning materials while taking their exams.

Final Thoughts

Online learning is very different from physical education, and there are a few things teachers need to know about this form of education. To begin with, the social aspect of education is very important.

Students have different learning styles and many teaching aids need to be used during lessons. Students should be encouraged to set goals to stay motivated. Finally, it’s important to note that technology doesn’t always work the way we would expect when studying online.


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