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When schools abruptly switched to e-learning in March 2020, a wave of announcements of free digital learning resources followed. Gradually schools returned to blended learning and now most districts are back to face-to-face learning. But a new initiative puts 500 daily resources in the hands of teachers for free, regardless of where students are learning.

In an effort to continue supporting educators during the COVID-19 pandemic, Discovery Education – an edtech partner offering a digital platform designed to support learning wherever it takes place – today announced that it will offer around 500 daily classroom activities for teachers across the country. free of charge throughout the school year. Available until June 2022, the free activities are designed to be quickly integrated into teaching, no matter where it takes place.

“From my own experience in public education, I know that teaching is demanding work under the best of circumstances. However, COVID-19 has brought additional challenges to the profession, ”said Lance Rougeux, vice president of instructional design at Discovery Education. “So to save educators time, lighten their burden a bit, and provide fun teaching inspiration, Discovery Education is proud to share these daily learning activities with all K-8 teachers in the United States. for the entire 2021-2022 school year. ”

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