5 ways to keep kids healthy with online learning


5 ways to keep kids healthy with online learning

January 21, 2022 at 3:43 p.m.
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Online classes can become extremely stressful, but you can’t let them affect your child’s health.

Have you ever imagined, in your wildest dreams, that education would completely shift to a setting where children study in isolation?

The idea itself seems absurd, but the pandemic made it possible.

The problem is that online learning has left students vulnerable to health issues.

Although we cannot control what happens in the world, we can ensure that our children stay healthy in this environment.

Here’s what our expert says

  • With schools remaining closed due to the ongoing pandemic, the mental and physical health of students has been affected.
  • The main reasons for this are reduced time with peers, reduced physical activity, poor posture, and eye strain during online classes or homework.
  • Focusing on good posture, a timely break from screens, and regular exercise can lessen the harms of sitting all day.

Create a comfortable study space

Create a comfortable study space

Try setting up a dedicated study space for online courses.

It is important that children sit up straight during lessons. Recreate the atmosphere of a classroom by placing a comfortable chair and table.

Make sure the device is at a comfortable level for the eyes and that your child is not slouched.

This will prevent posture-related issues, such as back pain and neck pain.

Offer them healthy food choices

Make sure your children are eating well and drinking enough water.

Poor food choices will tire them out and affect their overall health.

To avoid the urge to snack on unhealthy foods, offer them options like fruit sticks with low fat dip, homemade nut bars, etc.

Keep a water bottle on his desk to help keep him hydrated.

Encourage them to take a break

If your child is given a lot of online homework, make sure they don’t sit around all day and don’t take breaks.

A break rejuvenates us and gives the brain a break, which helps you come back stronger.

However, their break should not include checking social media. Tell them to take a short walk or do something that gets them moving.

Put a curfew on screen time

Put a curfew on screen time

Screen time is bad for children and can have a negative impact on their mental growth.

The blue light emitted by gadgets can damage the eyes.

So limit the time they spend on it. However, since their only connection with their friends is online, let them indulge a bit.

But then pack the gadgets at least one to two hours before bedtime.

Ensuring physical movement

Schools have a physical activity program that ensures children stay fit and active.

But it is not the same in online courses, even if there is a period of physical training.

Establish a routine for this at home. If it is not possible for them to be physically active before class, plan something for the evening.

Zumba is something kids enjoy.


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