4 ideas for creating engaging e-learning activities


While most schools expect full in-person returns in the fall, plans aren’t 100% secure at this time. Variables such as more contagious strains of COVID, the approval and availability of vaccines for children under 12, and local COVID outbreaks could force schools to return to online learning for weeks at a time. that time.

Teachers and students have learned a lot about online learning over the past 15 months: what works and what doesn’t, strategies for engaging with each other, and how to build meaningful relationships when meeting. online, hybrid or distance learning.

During ISTELive 21, Dr. Jennifer Courduff, Professor of Education at Azusa Pacific University; Dr Peter Hessling, assistant professor at North Carolina State University; Dr Jean Kiekel, assistant professor at the University of St. Thomas; and Dr. Susan Poyo, Associate Professor of Education at Franciscan University, shared four ways to create engaging online learning opportunities for students.

1. Commit by the organization

“When you teach online, whether you’re synchronous or asynchronous, one of the most important things is how you organize things. As much as possible, you want to keep things consistent, ”Kiekel said.

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